We specialize in commercial contracting services. Whether your job is big or small give us a call so we can discuss your project and provide you a fair, reliable, and detailed estimate.

Coe Construction, Inc., a Colorado Corporation since August 1990, is a Commercial General Contractor, with extensive commercial construction experience. We are capable of building projects ranging in size from $5,000 to over $8,000,000. Coe Construction, Inc. strives to build safely, on time, with quality construction for each and every customer to be a satisfied customer. We make every effort to ensure complete satisfaction by all parties involved.

We offer Pre-Construction, Construction Management, Quality Control and Value Engineering services to meet our clients needs.


Pre-Construction Services

Coe Construction, Inc. is experienced in providing services and will assign the design phase services to our estimating department. Our goal in providing these services is to assist the Owner and Architect in producing the best project possible in terms of both function and value. We will devote ourselves to this goal to insure a quality project of which we can all be proud.

Construction Management

Our construction management team offers proven experience, is current on codes and issues and will provide smooth working procedures throughout each project’s completion.

Quality Control

Quality Control at Coe Construction, Inc. starts at the project buy-out stage. We prefer to utilize a Quality Control Team that is led by our Project Superintendent to maintain the level of expected quality for our projects. This course of action instills a responsibility for Coe employees to enforce and maintain a project that will be built safely, on-time, within budget, and with the required quality of work. The long-term client satisfaction with the completed facility is, in our opinion, of prime importance.

Value Engineering

Coe Construction, Inc. is proud of our record of contraction cost reductions and timely completions, due to our value engineering efforts, which has resulted in repeat business from the clients we serve. Our financial strength and construction management experience permit us to assume full financial, legal and moral responsibility for the successful completion of the projects we construct.

We feel that for us to quote rather impressive figures for time and cost reductions due to the value analysis work we have made is somewhat misleading. We prefer to think of ourselves as a team leader who provides the necessary support to our Owners and their design professionals so that the project team (Owner, Architect and Construction Manager) can jointly achieve the stated goals and objectives as they pertain to cost, time and quality.

Over the years we have observed many examples of the “major cost/time reduction” type building projects where very little emphasis was placed on quality, design, function and full life cycle operating costs. We do not feel that only first costs and schedule should be considered as measures of our construction management effectiveness. The long term client satisfaction with the completed facility is, in our opinion, of prime importance. We would like to recommend you contact any of our clients for an evaluation of our value analysis effort and quality of building construction we produce.
Our philosophy with regard to sharing value engineering savings with the Owner is one of equal value to each party, or a 50/50 split. By splitting the savings, we feel that each party involved has the extra incentive to save the Owner dollars while increasing our profits for our efforts.